VPN Compatibility

  1. Setup
  2. Community Reports
    1. Workaround: OpenVPN
  3. DNS Leak Detection

Overall, the Portmaster is compatible with VPNs. Here we describe what to look out for and known issues with special VPN software.


Under normal circumstances, VPNs should work right out of the box. If not, you can always use OpenVPN as a workaround.

Please report your experience to help others know whether the Portmaster works with a certain VPN client or not. Naturally, when encountering problems we will try to help you get it going.

Community Reports

Native Client OS Mode Status Link
MullvadVPN OpenVPN 🟢 confirmed compatible, setup required → #313
  WireGuard 🟢 confirmed compatible, setup required → #313
NordVPN NordLynx 🟢 reported compatible #297
  OpenVPN 🟢 reported compatible #297
PIA VPN OpenVPN 🟢 reported compatible #317
  WireGuard 🟡 issue reported #317
ProtonVPN   🟢 confirmed compatible #160
    🟢 reported compatible #320
RiseupVPN   🟡 issue reported #284
WindscribeVPN   🟢 confirmed compatible, setup required → #311
WireGuard Native 🟡 issue confirmed, workaround available #292

Workaround: OpenVPN

If a VPN Client does not work, you can always work around this by using OpenVPN instead. This is a bit more technical but worth a shot if the normal client does not yet work.

DNS Leak Detection

Please note that pretty much all the DNS leak detection tests by the VPN providers will be a false positive, as the only thing they check is if you are using their DNS servers. Rest assured that your DNS queries are well protected by the Portmaster and there is no need to be concerned.