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Portmaster Changelog

Portmaster consists of many individual components that work together. The "primary" version number - the one you see everywhere - is the version of the Portmaster Core Service - simply called "Portmaster" below.

Usually, the other components are released together with a new version number of the Portmaster Core Service. Sometimes, however, minor changes or bug fixes are released without a version update of the Portmaster Core Service in order to get them out faster.

Current Stable Version: v1.5.1 Current Beta Version: v1.5.1

How can I use Beta?

Component: UI v0.7.13
Current Stable Current Beta
  • Bump portmaster module version
  • Merge branch ‘master’ into develop
  • Rename tool “check for updates”
  • Fix linter error
  • Improve news
  • Add news carousel to dashboard
  • Bump portmaster module version


Portmaster v1.5.1

Current Stable Current Beta
  • Check failing resolvers asynchronously
  • Move enabling metric persistence to core module prep phase
  • Convert update resources to accept formats
  • Add api endpoint to serve update resources
  • Move MimeTypeByExtension to portbase/utils
Component: SPN v0.7.4
  • Improve account update schedule
  • Improve account error message

Component: SPN v0.7.3
  • Bump hub version
  • Update deps
  • Return error when loading intel with test map to prevent looping
  • Close waiting connections when stopping docking request handler
  • Leave loading of geoip to navigator
  • Fix stopping TCP piers
  • Add support for binding Piers to specific addresses
  • Improve rate limiting over longer periods


Portmaster v1.5.0

  • Finalize bandwidth chart endpoint
  • Split netquery package files and update bandwidth chart handler
  • Update bandwidth handling and add basic chart support
Component: UI v0.7.12
  • Improve feature scout home node info tooltip
  • Fix pricing URL
  • Update color schemes for charts
  • Update app-view, network-scout and netquery viewer to show bandwidth data
  • Add bandwidth charts to dashboard page
  • Update line chart and connection details
  • Update common pipes module
  • Add port alias for remote_port
  • Add bandwidth endpoints to netquery service
  • Add circular-bar chart component
  • Add toSeconds pipe
  • Add round pipe
  • Add duration pipe


Portmaster v1.4.11

  • Bump core version
  • Fix and improve triggering updates from UI

Portmaster v1.4.10

  • Bump core version
  • Update deps
  • Update go version in CI workflow
  • Update deps
  • Fix annotation name
  • Improve update check notification
  • Disable force downloading when checking for updates
Component: SPN v0.7.2
  • Bump hub version
  • Update portbase
  • Update deps
  • Update go version in CI workflow
  • Add error message to connection when tunneling fails early
  • Improve connect op metrics
Component: UI v0.7.11
  • Bump portmaster module version
  • Fix nav tooptip
  • Move SPN transport in feature scout to tooltip

Component: SPN v0.7.1
  • Bump versions
  • Update deps
Component: SPN v0.7.0
  • Improve rate limit logging
  • Add tests for terminal session
  • Add whoami operation
  • Limit concurrent connection attempts
  • Fix linter warnings
  • Update simple testing suite
  • Enable concurrent connect ops and add connect op rate limiting
  • Add option to only bind to advertised IPs


Portmaster v1.4.9

  • Bump core version
  • Update deps
  • Update for changed DownloadUpdates method signature
  • Improve update notifications
  • Improve string operations and use new call limiter in network/proc
  • Use new call limiter in network state tables
Component: SPN v0.6.23
  • Fail when there already is a pending sluice request for the local address


Portmaster v1.4.8

  • Bump core version
  • Update deps
  • Fix panic in toSQLConditionClause when no values are provided
Component: SPN v0.6.22
  • Improve SPN connecting after device sleep
  • Improve parsing of hub policies and transports
  • Reset failing hubs when the network changes while not connected
  • Add flag to configure reporting delay (observer)


Portmaster v1.4.7

  • Do not get process+profile for info only packets
  • Add support for AllowUnencrypted state (disabled)
  • Disable profile ID migration
  • Remove blob icon type
  • Add module errors for failed profile migrations
  • Stop forcing using system resolvers for connectivity domains
  • Only log error, but continue on profile migration error
  • Move blocking of invalid IPs behind rules
  • Improve profile migrations
  • Add migration to new profile IDs
  • Fix error log when no logs exist
  • De-duplicate fingerprints and icons
  • Add first method to merge profiles
  • Migrate profile icons from fields to list of icons
  • Derive profile ID from fingerprints
Component: SPN v0.6.21
  • Remove special formatting of version field in observer
  • Add CBOR tags to hub info and status
  • Check context more often while launching ships / connecting
  • Add flag for Hubs to opt into handling unencrypted connections
  • Improve handling of transports, add protocol preference sorting
  • Add http pier, http info page and revamp docking
Component: UI v0.7.10
  • Bump portmaster module version
  • Migrate app Icon to the new icon list

Component: UI v0.7.9
  • Fix rendering with empty SPN pins in dashboard
  • Fix locale module loading
  • Fix network monitor not showing connections when SPN is disabled


Portmaster v1.4.6

  • Detect system locale and estimate best default locale setting
  • netquery: add batch-query handler
  • netquery: add Server-Timing HTTP header for better SQL query analysis
  • netquery: make parseQueryRequestPayload generic
  • netquery: split up query payload into a dedicated file
  • core: add core/localeID setting to configure formating of dates, currencies and numbers for the user interface
  • netquery: fix value encoding for time.Time queries
  • Fix incorrect check using reflect.Float32 instead of reflect.Float64
  • Update netquery query handler to only use strftime when the given value is a number kind
  • Add support for $gt, $ge, $lt, $le operators for netquery. Update DatetimeEncoder to support values specified in seconds
  • Disable compat debug info for app because of import troubles
  • Update SPN dep
  • Improve IP/Port parsing
  • Improve entity metadata initialization
  • Add wildcard port matching test to endpoints
  • Improve rule config help
  • Add internal metric IDs, add nameserver request metric
Component: SPN v0.6.20
  • Add flag to reboot on restart to SPN Hub
  • Improve navigator db query handling
  • Add comment for DisableAccount
  • Signify offline status through flag instead of the version field
  • Fix error handling without subscription
  • Add first version of observation hub
Component: UI v0.7.7
  • Show offline but actively used pins in country list
  • Add pretty names for “to” and “from” netquery fields
  • Fix memory-leak/subscription leak in toAppProfile pipe
  • Add warning messages to pin details
  • map: fix memory leak and race-condition with ResizeObserver
  • dashboard: fix trying to use forEach() on an empty response
  • dashboard: use country names from MapRef
  • dashboard: update dashboard component to use the new netquery batch API for loading statistics
  • netquery: use new batch API instead of using multiple calls
  • scout: skip update intervals if a update is already in progerss
  • shared: add a toAppProfile pipe that takes the profile key and starts watching the app profile
  • portmaster-api: update watchAppProfile from AppProfileService to accept a single “source/id” parameter
  • portmaster-api: add batch-query support to NetqueryService
  • Integrate changes from #482. Closes #482
  • Finish support for time-range queries in the network monitor
  • Add support to load the set locale on app-init
  • netquery: use date-pipe for Expires field of DNS requests
  • settings: Add support for WellKnown.RequiresUIReload annoation
  • netquery: add “fake” origin parameter to better track locations that query for connections
  • Fix netquery searchbar throwing an error if no suggestionValues are available
  • Fix memory/subscription leak in dynamic-items-paginator
  • Fix re-rendering of monitor results on SPN pin updates
  • Add basic support for date-range filtering
  • Add support for new netquery matchers
  • Add ng-zorro-antd package
  • remove obsolete code
  • Update dashboard page to use the map-renderer component and act as a MAP_HANDLER for highlighting countries
  • Update SPN page to use the new MAP_HANDLER interface for rendering pins and lanes
  • Improve map-renderer to support custom “handlers” for rendering overlays and additional nodes

Component: SPN v0.6.19
  • Update portmaster dep
  • Update docker compose command
  • Remove interception import
Component: SPN v0.6.18
  • Update deps
  • Fix update user agent
  • Update portmaster dep
  • Add Hub Info and Status to pin export
  • Update to new IP/Port parsing
  • Maintain announcement with custom data
  • Update entity init
  • Add metric IDs

Component: UI v0.7.6
  • Fix settings not being sync to the quick-settings toggles


Portmaster v1.4.5

  • Update SPN + deps
  • Add support for matching continents
  • Unify and improve country info
Component: SPN v0.6.17
  • Improve account status wording and checking times
  • Add quick setting data for selecting country
  • Add connected country to SPN status
  • Update to new country struct of Portmaster
Component: UI v0.7.5
  • Update to new country info
  • Improve country selection list for exit node selection quick setting
  • Improve feature hints in app view
  • feature-scout: Improve SPN connecting state in
  • Improve app view layout
  • Improve quick settings rendering
  • Add SPN exit country quick setting
  • spn: improve map rendering and initial positioning
  • Save network scout sort order in UI state
  • Apply default values in UIStateService
  • Re-fix memory leak fix in accordion
  • network-scout: change sort icon
  • dashboard: Improve map rendering
  • Add bandwidth statistics to app view
  • Improve edited settings indicator in app list
  • Fix rendering html in tip up titles
  • Improve feature scout and add it for dev ui only for testing
  • api/profiles: use a local cache for watchAppProfile streams to reduce the number of backend subscriptions
  • dashboard: fix country map to better fit the available widget size
  • ui/network-scout: add support for sorting apps
  • api/netquery: add bandwidth data to IProfileStats and use a cache to avoid re-fetching app profiles
  • ui/select: add support to render select inline instead of using a dropdown
  • Disable electron spellchecker to avoid connections for downloading spellcheck dictionary. Fixes #392
  • Fix bug in process details when no environment varaiables are available. Fixes #399
  • Auto-focus the search bar in the application overview. Fixes #419
  • Fix rxjs deprecation warnings
  • Add support to copy connection attributes to clipboard by pressing and holding CTRL. Fixes #425
  • Show a yellow dot for each app that has custom settings. Fixes #442
  • Fix unsubscription in SPN profile watch
  • Fix Memory Leak


Portmaster v1.4.4

  • Update SPN + deps
  • Remove config option from privacy filter subsystem
  • Implement review suggestions
  • Combine geoip country info and add country names
  • Update format of default DNS resolvers
  • Remove unused parameter from resolver URL
  • Update DNS resolver config help
  • Add setting to specify transit node rules
  • Expose tunnel options creation and split tunnel options
  • Update README
Component: SPN v0.6.16
  • Update SPN rule quick setting countries on SPN connect
  • Add support for just global setting in routing simulation
  • Add option to apply profile settings to route simulation
  • Add config option to manually trust nodes
  • Split up navigator options into Hub types


Portmaster v1.4.3

  • Ignore DNS request connection from kernel
Component: UI v0.7.4
  • Reset spn account loading flag on init


Portmaster v1.4.2

  • Recompile ebpf programs
  • Improve bandwidth update logging
  • Update special profile upgrade date
  • Fix network history clear API
  • Update network state tables if state is older than given packet
  • Use DNS request connections to attribute DNS requests
  • Remove check for self-communication (allowed by default)
  • Fix ebpf tcp ipv6
Component: UI v0.7.3
  • Bump portmaster module version
  • Fix country flag URL
  • Fix user profile subscriptions when no account is present or is deleted
  • Update clean history response parsing

Component: UI v0.7.2
  • Improve account and map display
  • Fix account purging


Portmaster v1.4.1

  • Update internal profile settings
  • Stop firewall handler earlier
  • Do not add internal and localhost connections to history
  • Disable connection self-check as it uses the old process detection
  • Improve performance when custom lists are not loaded
  • Correctly finalize DNS requests if filtered
Component: SPN v0.6.15
  • Disable beta flag on network history
Component: UI v0.7.1
  • Fix notifcations not disappearing immediately when acted upon
  • Improve Dashboard Tip Up
  • Add feature scout
  • Improve wording and logging
  • Improve map rendering
  • Fix notification height
  • Improve dashboard queries
  • Add Dashboard intro tip up
  • Fix and improve bandwidth display


Portmaster v1.4.0

  • Bump core version
  • Improve logging and naming
  • Improve clear network history API endpoint
  • Add Cloudflare DNS as fallback quick setting
  • Udpate SPN lib
  • Improve history purging
  • Move history settings from profile to layered profile
  • Add support for history data retention
  • Add support for SUM in netquery
Component: SPN v0.6.14
  • Improve features
  • Add feature definitions
Component: UI v0.7.0
  • Bump portmaster module version
  • Improve network history cleanup wording
  • Use updated function methods in notifier
  • Touch up dashboard and related changes
  • Add support to trigger history data retention
  • Redirect to dashboard when the app is opened
  • Finish dashboard implementation
  • Add first working dashboard version
  • Start work on dashboard


Portmaster v1.3.6

  • Fix cleaning up incomplete connections
  • Fix updating feature flags

Portmaster v1.3.5

  • Update SPN lib
  • Update all connection feature flags on account update
  • Fix filter list update warning on setting change
  • Update network history config option
Component: SPN v0.6.13
  • Shadow User methods on UserRecord to allow nil calls
Component: SPN v0.6.12
  • Add nil user check to MayUse
Component: SPN v0.6.11
  • Add account update event
Component: UI v0.6.2
  • Add and improve tip ups
  • Remove SPN network status
  • Improve and add pointers to Portmaster Plus
  • Improve support page layout and remove FAQ search for now
  • Improve wording on login pop up
  • Remove geo-unblock feature from SPN carousel
  • Add Portmaster Plus and Pro colors


Portmaster v1.3.4

  • Improve logging
  • Fix netquery connection ID generation
  • Fix race condition when setting firewall handler and starting worker
  • Fix and document netquery api endpoint permissions
  • Add support for DNS RRs SVCB and HTTP; improve DNS conn handling
  • Fix expiry times
  • Copy resolver IPScope to DNS connection IPScope
  • Fix eBPD PID detection for UDP on linux and recompile eBPF programs
  • Improve timeouts of compatibility check


Portmaster v1.3.3

  • Add as local multicast source address
  • Do not query the history database by default
Component: UI v0.6.1


  • Improve intro wording of network activity page
  • Move Search History toggle to filters
  • Filter by Internet Scope by default
  • Make history-database optional for netquery. Includes some additional minor fixes
  • Better handling of SPN map pin subscriptions
  • Better handling of subscription cancelation for portmaster api


Portmaster v1.3.2

  • Fix and improve packet handling procedures

Portmaster v1.3.1

  • Bump core version
  • Improve upgraded log message
  • Udpate deps
  • Add ability to upgrade systemd service files
  • Improve logging and fix linter errors
  • Fix handling of connections without process
  • Improve account matching data
  • Fix history database URI on windows
  • Fix PID detection via eBPF
  • Improve ebpf permanent failure detection
Component: SPN v0.6.10
  • Fix and improve error handling of user account mgmt


Portmaster v1.3.0

  • Bump core version
  • Add missing method comment
  • Update SPN to v0.6.9
  • Increase timeout of self-check
  • Improve updating allowed features on connection
  • Improve network history setting
  • Improve logging and make linter happy
  • Update BytesReceived/Sent field names
  • Reduce noisy logging
  • Update links in README
  • Persist bandwidth data in netquery DBs when enabled
  • Update config annotation
  • Update netquery to support history module
  • Make history module optional
  • Better utilize database indexes for UNION selects
  • Research on possible history module implementation using sqlite ATTACH DATABASE
Component: SPN v0.6.9
  • Add InfoURL to access.Package
  • Add account features
  • Fix linter warning about missing comment for exported type
  • Add constants for feature IDs
Component: UI v0.6.0
  • Improve Network Activity view wording
  • Update network history settings key
  • Update setting annotation ID
  • Show bandwidth data for connections when available
  • Add support for the history module


Portmaster v1.2.0

  • Add switch to reboot on internal restart
  • Update deps
  • Update golangci-lint config
  • Fix parsing tagged windows service names
  • Do not suggest using stale DNS cache when disabled by user
  • Match connections without PID only using UndefinedProcessID
  • Improve windows kext bandwidth stats monitor
  • Improve epbf bandwidth stats monitor
  • Improve ebpf connection listener
  • Add InfoPacket and BandwidthUpdate structs for cross platform usage
  • Rename files for clarity
  • Move interception module and better integrate workers
  • Use reported PIDs for DNS requests and improve data gathering process
  • Expose connection ID creation
  • Add and improve InfoOnly and ExpectInfo packet flags
  • Add example for getting bandwidth stats
  • Add missing ebpf compiled object
  • Make default pid to be -1 and remove unsafe code
  • Add ebpf bandwidth monitoring
  • Revamp connection handling flow to fix race condition and support info-only packets
  • Fix ebpf return on error
  • Add ebpf check for failed kernel functions
  • Fix ebpf source port, add event validation and simpify tcp monitoring
  • Add reading of the pid from the kext
  • Add ebpf compiled programs
  • Use datagram_connect for udp ebpf process detection
  • Add udp process detection with ebpf
  • Update libbpf
  • Add tcp process detection with ebpf

Component: UI v0.5.1
  • Fix pin-details in SPN map not showing up


Portmaster v1.1.0

  • Improve debug info order
  • Add API endpoint to retrieve a list of country center coordinates
Component: UI v0.5.0
  • Update country center API path
  • Show Mbit/s instead of MB/s
  • Minor improvements to SPN page
  • Implement review suggestions, add “logout completely” button and only show prompt icon when globally enabled or pending prompts are available
  • Finished migration to angular 16
  • Finished update to angular@16
  • Partial upgrade to angular@15
  • Update typescript to 4.8
  • Major SPN map revamp
  • Use observable directly
  • Always show setting labels when in developer UI mode
  • Fix SPN missing info message


Portmaster v1.0.14

  • Fix slow queries sensor value calculation
  • Update IP of Applied Privacy DNS preset
  • Improve test suite
  • Calibrate process lookup times for Windows
  • Improve compatibility issue notifications


Portmaster v1.0.13

  • Add binary path to integration test utiltool
  • Add integrationtest utility
  • Suggest using stale DNS cache when queries are slow
  • Improve rules config description
  • Add flags to specify custom update server
  • Add config option to always use stale DNS cache entries
  • Reduce running of background tasks on sleep mode
  • Add check for special android ip in online status check
  • Increase max state table lookup time window
  • Fix closing nf conntrack session when stopping during start
  • Improve user agents
  • Fix custom filter list load
  • Fix android update system
Component: SPN v0.6.8
  • Update portbase
  • Reduce health check time tick in sleep mode
  • Fix golang-ci linter in CI
  • Improve user agent


Portmaster v1.0.12

  • Update SPN and portbase
  • Improve portmaster-start update logging
  • Expose network change check trigger
  • Fix special process loading
  • Split auto update settings and add support for registry state
Component: SPN v0.6.7
  • Only use IPv6 to connect to Hub when client has IPv6 enabled
  • Trigger network change detection if remote IP is detected in sluice


Portmaster v1.0.11

  • Improve lookup tries for network state
  • Fix getting updated tables immediately
  • Ignore if parent process does not exist
  • Improve network state caching
  • Fix parent process key an refactoring
  • Fix process identification key
  • Fix matching TCP connections
  • Improve support for disabled IPv6 stack
  • Downgrade gvisor
Component: UI v0.4.6


  • Show subscription plans correctly
  • Adapt to new process key

Component: SPN v0.6.6
  • Fix no activity terminal shutdown and improve flushing timeouts


Portmaster v1.0.10

  • Update SPN
  • Add geoip regions to improve distance estimation
  • Add current time to broadcast matching data
Component: SPN v0.6.5
  • Collect findnearest debug data and add api to test routing
  • Improve routing conditions
  • Retry to initialize map from DB if it fails
  • Ignore session to failing hubs and reset failings when re-connecting
  • Check routes for failed hubs before building
  • Fix ensuring matching IP stacks when finding nearest pins
  • Fix scheduler slot skew and improve stats/metrics
  • Add ConnectAfterlogin flag option


Portmaster v1.0.9

  • Update SPN
  • Warn when query fails
  • Improve network proximity thresholds
  • Fix traceroute location checking
Component: SPN v0.6.4
  • Fix findnearest test
  • Fix connect op in/out data histogram
  • Add connect op TTCR and TTFB metrics
  • Improve home hub errors and home hub routing handling
  • Lower destination cost for better balance in routing
  • Randomize top nearby pins and routes for load balancing
  • Switch to cost-based calculation for finding nearest pins, include more cost data
  • Use new ping op for pinging Home Hub
  • Fix hub comparison for superseding


Portmaster v1.0.8

  • Update SPN + deps
  • Move log cleaner from core to base module
Component: SPN v0.6.3
  • Initialize and reset slot pace stats correctly
  • Improve unit scheduler debugging
  • Test IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity separately
  • Simplify and stabilize unit scheduling
  • Increase the timeout for initial auth and ping checks
  • Merge multiple bootstrap transports from same hub
  • Build hub for arm64
  • Avoid only Hub, not full country if connection fails
  • Add timeout to DFQ flush
  • Measure less often
  • Fix handling of 1 byte crane messages

Component: SPN v0.6.2
  • Bump hub version
  • Update deps
  • Update map intel test file
  • Add reachability checking using new ping operation
  • Add ping operation
  • Fix unit leak in capacity operation
  • Fix crane context usage
  • Improve unit scheduling debug messages
  • Do not deliver msgs to stopped operations
  • Raise default hub log level to warning

Component: SPN v0.6.1
  • Update account subscription data
  • Fix advisory rule application
  • Use public docker image for simple testnet
  • Expose SPN connected event
  • Improve invalid device HTTP status
  • Add patrol module to check network connectivity on hubs and react and client
  • Add cli flag for unit scheduler debugging
  • Fix proper shutdown of connect ops
  • Fix 32 bit support and add desktop client config. (#148)

Component: SPN v0.6.0
  • Improve usage of context and timeouts
  • Enable ui module for SPN Hub.
  • Improve naming of Unit methods
  • Implement review suggestions
  • Fix rate limiting
  • Improve unit scheduler
  • Fix new operation init
  • Improve terminal error handling, stick to idiomatic Go
  • Add different scheduling config for clients
  • Fix and improve scheduling config
  • Add unit scheduling metrics
  • Add epochs to unit slot scheduler
  • Give clearance to all units when stopping
  • Add unit leak debugger and fix unit leaks
  • Update connect request tags
  • Remove submit control and improve terminal
  • Apply unit scheduling to remaining operations
  • Fix crane destruction and expansion terminal init
  • Apply new unit scheduling and terminal interfaces to docks
  • Expose unit scheduler state snapshot
  • Improve unit scheduler
  • Improve terminal and terminal bases, including unit handling
  • Improve operation and operation bases
  • Simplify terminal interfacing and sending upstream
  • Apply unit scheduling to terminal and operation bases
  • Move scheduler to struct and improve documentation
  • Add unit: a packet focused scheduling approach

Component: SPN v0.5.8
  • Fix account updating
Component: UI v0.4.5
  • Fix account showing switches

Component: UI v0.4.4
  • Bump portmaster module version
  • Fix typos and update URLs
  • Update SPN status widget for new account type
  • Add new account messages to account pop up

Component: UI v0.4.3
  • Various improvements for smaller screen sizes. Fix network rating
  • Add default windows icon to ignore list

Component: UI v0.4.2
  • Hide SPN tunnel info for LAN and localhost connections
  • Fix settings not being saved and the SPN feature carousel leaking CSS

Component: Notifier v0.3.5
Current Stable
  • initialize library on startup, lib api update
Component: UI v0.4.1
  • Fix nodejs version for github action
  • Only load app-icon if presentation path is set
  • Fix linting errors and add github action
  • Improve styling of shared “More” dropdown and add “App Settings” link to grouped-by-app row
  • Fix styling of netquery search bar
  • Update side-dash to navigate to app connections and only expand when clicking the chevron
  • Add a “all-done” icon to prompt and notification list if they are empty
  • Fix abort-button not working when editing/creating a new rule
  • Hide app-icon for some special profiles and fix incorrect profile source
  • Fix support page layout changing depending on issue-title length
  • Fix SPN map behaving strange on pan and zoom
  • Do not show path and binary name if they are empty
  • Add tooltips to all main navigation items
  • Fix broken styling of text-input in confirmation dialog used when asking for an email
  • Fix URL query parameter mangling when reloading the current router URL

Component: UI Assets v0.3.1
Current Stable
Component: Notifier v0.3.4
  • Remove security level code
  • Added ActionInvoked check on linux notifications
  • Fix notification event handling

Component: UI v0.4.0
  • Add support to open parent process details
  • Add process details dialog. A bunch of minor improvements and fixes
  • Add support to create and edit profiles and fingerprints. Minor improvements for the v1 release
  • Add SPN feature carousel and multiple fixes

Component: Notifier v0.3.3

Component: UI v0.3.6
  • Don’t group by app by default. Load results chart after the first page has been loaded
  • Show tooltip with allow/block reason when hoving the verdict color indicator. Fixes #298
  • Fix different values for boolean allowed filter. Fixes safing/portmaster#804
  • Fix whitespace break in connection reason. Fixes #287
  • Increase button hit box in network scout and correctly handle developermode
  • Fix SPN account state handling in account details and login page
  • Trim whitespace from ordered list before saving. Fixes #221
  • Add inidcation that sub-filter lists are selected. Fixes #296
  • Fix change detection not being triggered correctly in app-icon
  • Reverse collapse/expand button for SPN hub details
  • Reverse the side-dash button in the navigation
  • Fix scrolling when side-dash overflows the app height
  • Apply user-supplied query in exide-node profile stats
  • Fix dialog styles not being applied correctly
  • Fix sfng-select incorrectly adding an empty option
  • Allow bulk deletion of rules and ask for confirmation. Save on enter. Fixes safing/portmaster#806. fixes #220
  • Decrease polling timeout and use correct command to stop on windows. Fixes #234