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SPN Alpha - Status

  1. Works Well - Report if Broken
  2. Under Investigation - Please Test and Report
  3. Known Issues
  4. How To Report Bugs

Treat the SPN as a VPN in your threat model for now. Please be aware that there are not enough users and servers during the alpha phase in order to protect you from VPN traffic analysis.

Last Updated on 2nd June, 2022

Works Well - Report if Broken

  • Login on Portmaster Client successfully connects to the SPN
  • Normal browsing of websites
  • Big file downloads
  • Video streaming
  • UDP based applications
  • High Bandwidth: up to 100MBit/s (and more, depending on path)

Under Investigation - Please Test and Report

  • Video Conferencing
  • Torrents

Known Issues

  • Internal scheduling needs improvement: When a big download is in progress, other connections may die. In some circumstances, the health check will fail and the SPN will reconnect. Fix is in progress.

How To Report Bugs

Bugs can be reported on the SPN repository on GitHub

Be sure to also check the network status feed on the SPN page in Portmaster.