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Kernel Extension

We are currently developing a kernel extension for integration with the Windows kernel. (update coming soon)


coming soon


On Linux we aim to provide two ways of OS integration:

iptables  firewall/interception/nfqueue

If DNS is resolved for a connection, Portmaster replies with an IP address in the 127.17/16 range. This enables the Portmaster to distinguish between domains even if they resolve to the same IP address. These connections are then rerouted to the Gate17 entry point ( by marking them with 1717.

If connecting to an IP address directly, the Portmaster marks the connection with 1717 and the iptables rules below will redirect the connection.

Three additonal rules are added to the iptables main chains:

nat OUTPUT -m mark --mark 1717 -p {tcp|udp} -j DNAT --to-destination
nat OUTPUT -m mark --mark 1717 -j DNAT --to-destination
kernel module

We will provide an alternative to iptables by writing a kernel module to handle the needed packet interception in the future. Depending on the performance and stability of the iptables integration this might come sooner or later.