In the Tech-Preview phase, we do not yet provide a full installer, as it is not yet meant to be run 24/7. When you download the installer package, there is a small script that will start the daemon, user interface and notification bar agent, if available.

Please a keep a close eye on the console output of the daemon, as it will show you what it is doing and if there are any problems.


As we do not yet provide a network for Gate17 testing, you will have to create your own. This is easiest done with Docker. In the safing-core repo you can find a small guide and readme in the directory gate17/testing/simple to get started.

You can then start the Portmaster with Gate17 on the host and connect it to the network using the -bootstrap parameter to give the daemon the IP address of an initial Gate17 it will connect to.

If you do not feel tech savvy enough, we would recommend to wait for the alpha release, which will also feature a ready-to-use test network with several Gate17 nodes.